How We Can Make A Change To Solve Traffic

Selena Reynolds  she’s  in charge of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. People say nobody walks in LA but nothing could be further from the truth. We have one of the busiest rail lines in the country, one of the busiest bus lines in the country and more people walking and biking everyday. We figured out that we have to plan for people and not just cars. A public plaza in L.A  that used to be a road but the community leaders got together and decided that they wanted a place to gather and created a true public space. It turns out when you make a great place to walk its really good for local businesses.


Sometimes even though it’s controversial we have to take space for streets and give it to people so that everybody has a great choice for how they get around. Look no city has been shaped by the car more than LA. So if they can make positive changes here we can make them anywhere in America. Okay, but cars are still just fun to drive. I know they are and there are great options for certain kinds of travel but maybe we should be thinking about cars more like rollerblades.

There are a lot of fun when you’re the only person using them but would really suck if that was the only way people begin to work. So you’re saying I can keep my car but I should use public transportation and support walkability initiatives.  Even though there are lots of information we can get from this article we should work together not only for the benefit of ourselves but also for our community. We can have cars but we should not just used them as we want them and while other people city just having a problem to the congested traffic. We can change the traffic or we can add to the problem. Of course we can also shout to the world that we can do something to the common problem we can experience in our daily lives.

The government as well must think of other people and should not think of as some very important personnel. They must a model in the society where children should imitate and follow. I guess all problems we can face as a society can be handle if we are not greedy but we think what is best for the city.